Silver crystal Viking style pendants


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An exquisite silver framed rock crystal ball copied from the 13th Century transition period between the Viking era and the Middle Ages. The original was found in Frojel (Gotland), Sweden. The crystal balls originally came from quartz deposits in Russia. Through centuries there have been a number of hypotheses about the purpose of these wonderful pieces. Some declare that it was used as a magnifying or burn glass. Others believe that it was used as a navigational instrument. Modern thought conveys that it belonged to a magician and it was used as a portable crystal ball for prophecies. It's also been told that a chieftan wore the pendant as a power symbol, because it was said to bring wise insights and good fortune. Interested in a chain for your pendant? click here.
The crystal balls are carefully chosen from the nest rock crystal, which thereafter are cut and polished by hand. The solid sterling silver forging is entirely handmade.
A. Crystal ball is .48"/12mm

B. Crystal ball is .63"/16mm

C. Crystal ball is .87"/22mm

D. Crystal ball is .94"/24mm

E. Crystal ball is 1.18"/30mm
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Clear quartz is a versatile and multidimensional stone. Its key properties are amplification, programability and memory. Its structure and range of resonance allow it to amplify any energy with which it moves into resonance. It will amplify the energy of any other stone and help make the effects of smaller stones more easily felt. Clear quartz can be "programmed" by one's focused intention to assist one in achieving virtually any goal whether in the inner or outer realms. This can be amplified by consistency in one's prayer, feeling or "broadcast," to penetrate throughout the earth's electromagnetic field and into the etheric realms. Clear quartz is excellent for meditation, healing and prayer work. It encourages clarity on all levels.

Silver encourages self-containment and inward reflection. It provides one with patience and perserverance and can be a window to the Soul. It supports one's efforts to go within and explore the deepest aspects of the Self and Nature. It assists one in perceiving the truth behind surface appearances. It aids one in exploring the deep inner realms of emotion and intuition. It is a favorite of those who honor the feminine aspect of nature. Silver brings attunement to the emotional self. It can assist one in embracing mystery and surrendering to the unknown. Can aid in cooling excess heat in the body and bolster the immune system's ability to fight infection.

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