Gold and sapphire Golden Temple + Guru Gobind Singh pendants


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22kt. yellow gold hand painted portrait pendants of the Golden Temple (considered the most sacred Sikh temple in the world) and Guru Gobind Singh (10th in a line of 10 Gurus/founders of the Sikh religion.) Both surrounded with natural faceted blue sapphires.

A. Golden Temple with oval sapphires 1.5"/3.8cm in diameter

B. Guru Gobind Singh with square sapphires 2"/5.1cm high

Gold revitalizes one s physical energies and magnifies the power of most gemstones. It supports openness and integrity and builds confidence in the wearer. It is related to worldly knowlege and an understanding of manifestation. It carries the energy of the Sun, stimulating one s will to grow and stretch beyond ones current experiences. Can assist one in overcoming paralysis and fear allowing one to move through difficult circumstances. It evokes strength, determination and will. Gold can augment low physical vitality and depressive tendencies.

Blue Sapphire is a stone of mental and psychic activation, an enhancer of insight and mental agility. It assists one to see below surface appearances to underlying truths and to speak clearly and wisely. Blue sapphire is a royal stone that can be used to evoke wisdom in difficult situations. It lends discipline, strength of mind and greater learning ability. It helps one access deeper levels of consciousness, promoting a fuller understanding of self. Blue sapphire assists those who are easily swayed by the opinions of others, by becoming more secure in one s opinions and knowledge.

Prices based on 1125.00 gold per ounce.

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