Carnelian/fire agate/gold vermeil double axe adi shakti (khanda) necklace

long necklace

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Large faceted and small round carnelian (red agate) gemstone beads with teardrop shaped and round fire agate gemstone beads. Gold vermeil (24kt. gold heavily electroplated on sterling silver) accent beads with large gold vermeil double axe adi shakti/khanda with 20mm carnelian gemstone insert (2.1”/5.3cm high.) Length is 42 inches.

I went to visit my teacher Yogi Bhajan in the hospital around 1992 in Stanford, CA. First thing when I came through the door – he said ンYou must create crossed battle axes with the adi shakti! ン What does it represent sir? – I asked. ンI am Infinite, ン he replied.

Carnelian is usually smooth and often translucent, a durable stone and a dependable lifetime gem. Known to have electro-magnetic properties to help ground the wearer, feeding energy directly through the skin, instilling a feeling of well-being and inflowing power. It assists one to take action to manifest their highest goals, dreams and destiny. In communication it helps timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Gives courage. Helps overcome fear of taking action or fear of doing the wrong thing. A symbol of the warm vitalizing and positive energy of the earth. When used in meditation it can help one understand how to bring a concept into being. Can assist those who procrastinate or are unable to decide on a course of action. It can lend physical vitality and energy to the body, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Fire agate assists one in taking decisive action in unclear circumstances. It allows one to manifest Divine guidance through action and can help in all aspects of manifestation work. Fire agate opens the channels of creativity, so that Divine inspiration can flow through one into all one’s activities and artistic expressions. It helps one find the courage to take risks in order to fulfill the inner promptings which call one more fully into passionate involvement with life. It is a ‘stone of eternal youth’ bringing a new sense of vitality to ones overall health.

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