Faceted emerald necklace


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Elegant choice natural faceted emerald bead necklace. Approx. 250-300 beads. Necklaces are 16"- 19"/41-48cm long, strung on silk with a gold plated silver clasp.

Emerald is the stone which most purely represents the energy patterns of the activated heart chakra (energy center in the body.) An open heart allows the cornucopia of universal blessings to flow into one’s life and perhaps why emerald is known as a stone of prosperity. Wearing emerald helps attune one’s vibrational pattern to the spectrum of abundance, allowing one to attract what one needs and desires. It will support shifting scarcity consciousness to prosperity consciousness. It is also a stone of courage – another emotion that emanates from a strong and open heart. It helps one move forward on the “path with heart” regardless of any threats or danger. Emerald is a wonderful emtional healer allowing one to display one’s compassionate, caring nature without fear of vulnerability. It is a strong heart healer and can assist the physical heart in recovering from all manner of imbalances or diseases.

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