Inlaid gemstone adi shakti (khanda) pin/pendant

pin pendant

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Adi shakti (khanda) pin/pendants with gem grade natural lapis lazuli inlay. Available in 4 sizes in sterling silver only. Also available in natural turquoise and mother of pearl.
Solid gold can be ordered in 14-22kt. white, yellow, rose colors-please inquire.

A. Large with slightly broader central khanda shape (1 7/8 /4.8cm high)

B. Medium large (1 5/8"/4.1cm high)

C. Medium (1 3/8"/3.5cm high)

D. Small (1"/2.5cm high)

Lapis Lazuli augments strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity and illumination. It is associated with expansion of awareness and intellectual capacity, and allows for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature, as well as the powers of love and healing. It has been used in treatment of conditions related to lymph, inflammation, and pain (especially in/on the head). It supports the psyche and helps relax an overactive mind. Releases tension and anxiety. Strengthens skeletal system. Activates thyroid gland, and stimulates emotional, mental and physical purity and clarity, supporting ones courage in activities culminating in the advancement towards universal wisdom. It assists in balancing the yin-yang energies.

Turquoise is considered to be a healer of the spirit, provider of calm and peace of mind. Induces wisdom and understanding. Thought to combine the energies of the sky and earth, and considered Earth-grounding. Considered to provide strength and protection during vision quests. May enhance trust and kindness. Stimulates the throat, heart, and navel chakras (energy centers in the body.) May bring communication and creative skills to emotional situations. Opens communication, expression, mental relaxation. Used in the treatment of headaches, regeneration of tissue, and relief to skin disorders related to stress.

Mother of Pearl enhances mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, adaptability, cooperation.

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