Yogi Bhajan

A bit of history – As a teacher and religious leader, Yogi Bhajan dressed royally for public appearances, be they regularly taught yoga classes or meetings with world-renowned religious or political leaders. Pope John Paul II, and the last three US presidents are notable examples. There were numerous other world and religious leaders whom Yogiji met over 35 years of traveling the globe. His exquisitely embroidered handmade robes and finest of gem-laden rings, pendants, brooches, watches, and pins – many of these creations prominently integrating the Adi Shakti (khanda) symbol – were often crafted by devoted students who happened to have talents as clothiers or jewelers and felt honored to serve him in this way.

Others were commissioned by students or admirers who offered kingly gifts when they came to experience the darshan (presence) of this spiritual master . Yogi Bhajan had majesty of consciousness, and his manners and dress reflected his elevated presence. He would sometimes speak of the transformational qualities of gemstones, and encourage students and other close associates to wear a particular stone suitable to their energies and/or circumstances. Years ago he wrote me a letter in which he said, “Son, you have artistic gifts; create things that uplift and inspire people.” With this advice in mind, I’m very grateful and honored to offer you the opportunity to browse and purchase from this website where you will find affordable jewelry and artful objects to enrich your presence and uplift your spirit.

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