We live and have our business contained within a spiritual community, an hour southwest of Boston.  Classes are offered here in yoga and meditation, healing, humanology and a lot more. I’m Jot (pronounced Jote) Singh Khalsa and my wife and I have been part of this community since 1980. 

For 6 years, beginning in 1972, I trained intensively in art and jewelry making at the State University of New York at New Paltz where I learned to create silver and gold jewelry and artful objects. During those years, and with the 4 decades of experience as an artisan since, I've gained skills and discrimination in the areas of design, precious metal and gemstone fabrication, casting and manufacturing. CAD (computer-aided design), a relatively new field is a technology we are utilizing regularly.

Early in my career as an artisan and full time knife and swordmaker, my teacher for over 30 years, Yogi Bhajan, encouraged that I use my artistic gifts to create things that uplift and inspire people. This selection of jewelry and objects is the fruit of my earnest effort to do just that, and to offer them to you and your loved ones through this website. In my travels, I search for the most innovative, cutting edge 'tools for the spirit' and spiritually oriented jewelry being fashioned today. Whether crafted from my own designs or from the numerous overseas suppliers whose work you’ll find here, each and every piece has been hand selected and meticulously examined for its excellence in design, overall quality and craftsmanship.

Our collection of Shakti jewelry for personal empowerment, kirpan and khanda jewelry, (sacred dagger and sword jewelry - to remind us to 'cut through life's challenges and achieve excellence') and dharma jewelry, we believe is unparalleled.

Please indulge yourself in some of the most dazzling, empowering ornaments and artful objects available today, all at quite reasonable prices! Enjoy and thanks! 

Jot Singh Khalsa

We joyfully contribute 10% of our proceeds to several charitable causes and organizations that are aligned with our values.

Below is an image of our team members from left to right: Jot Singh, Sat Siri Kaur, Baldev Singh and Ongkar Dev Kaur.

Preview my first book on the core teaching of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and read what several respected colleagues are saying about it  here.