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10th Master Guru Gobind Singh - Wall Art

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COMING SOON! For your home, office or Gurdwara/Sikh Temple

10th Master of the Sikhs/Guru Gobind Singh 3D Wall Art portraits masterfully created in CAD (computer aided design) can be inspirational and protective talismans. They are 16"/41cm high and 24"/61cm high are available with black, dark blue and white background detail. This final founder of the Sikh religion was a most exemplary humanitarian and champion of defending and protecting the rights of the weak and innocent.

These are made from non-toxic resin and painted able to be mounted on a wall in a home, office or Sikh Temple/Gurdwara. 

This item is not available for immediate purchase, however a similar item can be ordered. Delivery time is approximately 6-12 months, depending on the complexity of the project and how many projects preceed yours.

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