Silver and gemstone large adi shakti pendants


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Solid sterling silver and natural gemstone adi shakti pendants.

A. Long oval septarian gemstone.

B. Large oval carnelian with garnet gemstones.

C. Fluorite gemstone pendant with blue topaz.

Septarian brings calming energies which have a nurturing feel to them, and can bring feelings of joy and spiritual upliftment. Enhances and nurtures communication with groups, making it much easier to speak clearly and kindly in group settings. Assists communication with Mother Earth. Brings unconscious foreknowledge needed by the user to help him or her always be prepared for what is coming up. Septarian is supports the lower chakras, (energy centers in the body) root, sacral and solar plexus.

Carnelian is usually smooth and often translucent, a durable stone and a dependable lifetime gem. Known to have electro-magnetic properties to help ground the wearer, feeding energy directly through the skin, instilling a feeling of well-being and inflowing power. It assists one to take action to manifest their highest goals, dreams and destiny. In communication it helps timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Gives courage. Helps overcome fear of taking action or fear of doing the wrong thing. A symbol of the warm vitalizing and positive energy of the earth. When used in meditation it can help one understand how to bring a concept into being. Can assist those who procrastinate or are unable to decide on a course of action. It can lend physical vitality and energy to the body, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Fluorite can assist in clearing away mental fog, confusion and conflicting ideas. It is a powerful stone to use in balancing the brain. It s energy acts to quiet worried thoughts and anxiety caused by fear of the future. It will assist making order out of chaos. It can help one select a direction, commit to action and plan the steps needed to walk one s chosen path, towards accomplishing one s goals and dreams. Assists in organizing energies on many levels of body, mind and spirit.

Silver encourages self-containment and inward reflection. It provides one with patience and perserverance and can be a window to the Soul. It supports one s efforts to go within and explore the deepest aspects of the Self and Nature. It assists one in perceiving the truth behind surface appearances. It aids one in exploring the deep inner realms of emotion and intuition. It is a favorite of those who honor the feminine aspect of nature. Silver brings attunement to the emotional self. It can assist one in embracing mystery and surrendering to the unknown. Can aid in cooling excess heat in the body and bolster the immune systems ability to fight infection.

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