• Happy Winter Beginnings

    Posted by Jennifer Mercier

    Hello! We wanted to kick off our Khalsa Raj blog by wishing everyone a happy and healthy December and Holiday season! In this time of giving, at least in the West, we wanted you, are loyal customers, to know how much we truly celebrate you!! So in the holiday spirit we are offering you many deep discounts!! PLUS we didn’t just want to limit our specials to just Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so our discounts are running now until the first of the year!! All SPECIALS can be found HERE!    

    Our intention is always to create and offer products that inspire and uplift your life and we are currently receiving NEW stock in some very exciting designs! 

    On this special day, we wanted to specifically share with you our new Chakra Lotus Adi Shakti pin pendants. This brand new design is one that we had waited quite a long time to get to you and they are finally IN STOCK! We are so pleased we decided to offer them at 15% off because we want you to have one (or more)!! Use code lotus15 at CHECKOUT.

    A lot of thought and design time was put into this exquisite piece, so we wanted to give you some insight into some of the significance behind every aspect of this piece: 

     Lotus Flower: In many cultures this symbolizes spiritual awareness. It is often used as symbol of aspiring to enlightenment. Wearing a Lotus Flower pin, pendant or necklace is a wonderful reminder of our own individual, unfolding spiritual journey. Some believe the heart of all beings is like an unopened lotus and when virtues are realized, the heart opens like a lotus.  

    The Chakra, Chakkar or Chakram traditionally: This was used to protect oneself (often Sikhs in India wearing one or several on their turban) against aggressors. In skillful hands one could be used offensively to help vanquish a foe. (There was tyrannic religious oppression in India for generations).

    Adi Shakti : Is a symbol of infinity. It relates to primal creative power and has three parts to its design:

        The Chakra is a circle, also a symbol of infinity and reminder that God’s infinite nature, has no beginning or end. To the extent one understands the creation as a reflection of the Creator, a circle can be seen to reflect the oneness and unity of mankind in essence, regardless of apparent differences of race, religion or gender.

        The Khanda is the double-edged central dagger, representing the straight and narrow path of righteousness, the razor’s edge that cuts both ways – in that what you do to others you are actually doing to your Self. In yogic terms, the khanda represents neutral mind – the ability to make non-reactive decisions.

        The two Kirpans are curved single-edged knives on both sides of the symbol and represent the polarities that need to be balanced by neutrality: temporal and spiritual, negative and positive, etc. In yogic terms, these two kirpans represent the negative and positive minds. Guru Hargobind (one of the founders of Sikhism) wore two swords, signifying Miri – political or temporal power, and Piri – spiritual sovereignty.

    Stainless Steel energies are highly projective. As such, wearing stainless steel can be like donning spiritual armor. If you are looking to protect yourself from aggressive advances or any forms of extreme negativity, stainless steel is a good option. Having, wearing or keeping Steel close at hand, also offers one strength, courage, grit and determination. Stainless steel is also maintenance free and never changes color or tarnishes.

    Cubic Zirconia has the same molecular structure as diamonds, so wearing them provides the same energetic effects as wearing diamonds. Diamond - Worn in everyday life, diamonds can intensify one's ability to focus consciousness on manifesting one's goals, dreams and destiny. They seem to emanate more energy for their size than any other stone, and may amplify the power of any emotional state. They can work therapeutically to "burn through" underlying emotional issues. Diamonds encourage us to see the Light within and to radiate that light outward, illuminating ignorance and illusion. Diamonds often carry the energies of angelic beings who are aligned with both courage and light. They encourage us to express our most sacred self.

    There is something potent and powerful about adorning ourselves with sacred symbols and empowering materials. We are here to serve and would love to hear from you!! Send your comments, send your stories, send your moments of inspiration and upliftment! 

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