Posted by Jot Khalsa

The importance of sharing your thoughts and feelings .....

When I was growing up I was rarely able to garner the self-trust to share my thoughts or feelings. I was fortunate to recognize this somewhat later in life and began shifting it. At first, I’d share thoughts whether or not they might be appropriate, after feeling stifled in my youth. I started recognizing the need to be more sensitive and that it might be better not to offer any thoughts if I hadn’t reflected some and could share something appropriate and intelligent.
I’ve continued with that approach and found it to work for me - even when those thoughts might be controversial to some. Now oftentimes, I will add thoughts to ‘the mix’ of any conversation. Having the courage to speak our minds with conviction, confidence and equanimity, I’ve come to believe is an important and healthy capacity. Welcoming all voices and opinions around issues where there may be strong feelings, demonstrates maturity and tolerance, which is sorely needed these days globally. I believe this may start with parents (which I’m not) encouraging children to speak up and be heard. With proper guidance from those parents, it can be a wonderfully empowering thing for children, who can carry it forward toward their life fulfillment and successes.

- Jot Singh