Posted by Jot Khalsa

The sacredness in being a warrior of Light..

The universe ‘smiles’ on us when we get out of our comfort zone and serve others. Small gestures of thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity ‘earn big points’ with the universal forces behind all that is. When we look after each other sensitively we are blessed. Most of us want to be happy and carefree I believe and that likely looks a bit different for everyone.

Make it your business if the spirit might move you, when you hear or see someone being treated less than respectfully in any way, to intelligently and thoughtfully approach the situation. The intention here is to intercede and endeavor to bring understanding, honor and grace to whatever ‘violations’ seem to be happening. This takes courage and a certain capability (a smile may work well when approaching). If you have trained in self-defense and you can be neutral (you will be mentally prepared), and not become emotional or angry, the results can be positive for all. When we act as those who endeavor to ‘keep the peaceful and natural order of things’ the universe brings us all we need.

-Jot Singh