Posted by Jot Khalsa

I was reflecting some how to flourish and prosper in these tumultuous times and never allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

Consider taking a moment to reflect on all of the positive things that you have to be grateful for that are part of your life. It is not a small thing these days to be mindful with an ‘attitude of gratitude’. If the spirit might move you try to develop a routine, that incorporates some kind of disciplined practice that gives you a good feeling and some peace. Kundalini Yoga and meditation have been my personal go to ‘set of tools’ for almost 47 years now. Whatever might work for you, cultivating some kind of discipline with something that helps you relax and feel tranquil, can be essential these days. This can help maintain a positive mental attitude with hope for success and good fortune. Learning how to protect yourself, in a very respectful setting, can help insure that no one will get too close to you without you being OK with that. Be kind, thoughtful, and generous with others - best you can. The universe will bring you everything you need in your life. 😃

- Jot Singh