Posted by Jot Khalsa

Do you want opportunity and prosperity to ‘come

knocking’? Experience how the Kundalini Yoga Kriyas,
meditations, mantras and affirmations we will practice
during these 4 days will align your mind and energies for a
“success cycle”. Open yourself up to good fortune and a
new world of connections!

Yogi Bhajan often spoke of the need for commitment as a first step toward achieving happiness.
We will set an intention for you to commit to your own happiness and prosperity, encouraging
your committment to a 40-day “success sadhana,” practiced daily on your return home.

According to Yogi Bhajan, 40 days of practice is the minimum time it takes to develop a new
habit. Acknowledging our birthright to be happy, we will ‘set the stage’ for you to build a habit of
inviting universal abundance! Using powerful meditations we will confirm our prayer and
willingness to receive unlimited bounty, at the same time acknowledging that “gratitude is the
open door to abundance” and “patience pays”. – Yogi Bhajan



Day 1 – Understanding why cultivating and developing consistency with your Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice is one of the most precious things you can do.

Day 2 – Discovering and Manifesting your Unique Destiny – each of us comes to this life with unique gifts. Kundalini Yoga and meditation can help you find and develop those.

Day 3 – Understanding why performing selfless service/seva can be a ‘treasured’ part of your spiritual growth and development as a human being and kundalini yogi.

Day 4 – The Essentials – identifying and ‘polishing the facets’ of you, your ‘team members’, and your endeavors, required for ultimate success in life.

Each day will incorporate Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Jot Singh Khalsa has practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation for 40 years, and feels
blessed to have studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for 30 of those. He offers weekly Kundalini Yoga
classes and regular workshops internationally. He is a world-class award winning artist/craftsman and
designer whose work has been featured on book covers, magazine covers, in museum exhibitions and
in print media published in 8 languages. He shares life experiences born of deep commitment to his
personal sadhana (yoga and meditation practice), his Dharma (serving as a Sikh Dharma minister,
Khalsa Council member and Solstice kitchen manager), his marriage, his business and its legacy, and
the martial arts. His original work can be found on the following websites: