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Sat Nam All,

2012 marked my 40th year of practicing Kundalini Yoga. It has been a very special journey. I had the good fortune to spend 30+ years with Yogi Bhajan giving me regular input about my life and my work. Blessings still come through the privilege of that relationship. It was earlier this year that it became clear to me that I should be offering classes and workshops around the concept of prosperity. At Solstice I was offering my 6th class in 6 months titled 'Opening Prosperity Pathways.' These classes were offered throughout the USA and one in Vancouver, BC while also traveling for business.

I've concluded that real prosperity is all about alignment--aligning ourselves with the Universal Forces that are behind all that is, so that those forces can provide all that we need to be successful and prosper. How do we achieve that alignment? The best tool I've found in 40 years is morning sadhana. I believe the wisest thing you can do in your life is practice Kundalini Yoga whenever you can get to it. To me it is unparalleled on the planet as a system to uplift and give balance to the human.

It's okay if you can't make it happen in the early morning--make it happen sometime during your day and cultivate consistency towards a daily practice. If you find that you are very grateful for how Kundalini Yoga makes you feel and the consciousness it engenders, then consider trying to shift your life/schedule so you can do your practice between 4-7am. Yogi Bhajan spoke of this time as the most precious time to do your practice, where it can be up to 40 times more powerful than any other time of the day.

Yogi Bhajan spoke about prosperity often and some of what I share in my classes are quotes from him that he shared over decades. Things like:

The Three Laws of Prosperity: Be kind to everyone. Never speak ill of anyone. Never speak ill of yourself.

"When the heart gets into prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle."  - Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1996

"The shocking truth about prosperity is that it is shockingly right instead of shockingly wrong to be prosperous." 

- Yogi Bhajan 4/89

In early August I'll offer this class over a 4 day period at the European Yoga Festival in France. Then I'll travel to the U.K. and teach on this in conjunction with 'Manifesting Vibrant Health and One's Unique Destiny.' I believe each one of us comes to this life with unique gifts, and Kundalini Yoga is the most precious tool for us to find those gifts, polish the facets of them, and offer the 'fruit' to humanity in some fashion. It is the best system to find out what to do next in our lives if we are not quite sure. It brings us deep inside of ourselves and allows us to explore those things we have enjoyed doing in our lives-things that we know we are good at, and things that people have told us we are great at. Then with discrimination, we can try different things through a more 'informed' self.

Yogi Bhajan wrote me a letter 30 years ago. 'Son, you have artistic gifts, make things that uplift and inspire people'. So we are working diligently to create a global company that does just that. We are offering things publicly through our websites and events we attend and wholesaling to yoga centers and retailers worldwide. We design and create jewelry, knives, swords and Kirpans.

The concept of the knife/Kirpan on the Sikh path is simple. It is something that arose through generations of religious persecution in India. Be a protector of those who are not able to protect themselves. Yogi Bhajan encouraged us to train in martial arts as a perfect complement to Kundalini Yoga. It develops the spiritual warrior. Find a great teacher/school and do it!

Sat Nam and Blessings,

Jot Singh


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