Posted by Jot Khalsa

We recently returned from Winter Solstice Sadhana in Florida. Perfect weather allowed for swimming in the pond at our location almost daily. It was a treat – as was the presence of so many from around the world (about 700). They had come to work on themselves and experience the bliss and joy of community, Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops, daily early morning sadhana (yoga/meditation practice), healing, white tantric yoga, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, networking and much more. Our worldwide Kundalini Yoga community comes together twice a year for these sacred solstice events – and a third time in France in mid-summer for the Yoga Festival there. With a dear colleague from New York, I oversee all food preparation, serving, etc. for the US gatherings for many years now. It is a great privilege and blessing. I offer a variety of products for sale at all 3 of these gatherings with a good portion of it being jewelry. We decorated many and are grateful for the continued support and demand for our innovative, uplifting and inspiring things. Peace to all, light to all and love to all.             Jot Singh