Posted by Jot Khalsa


Recently I returned from a 3 week trip where I attended and enjoyed teaching at a Yoga Festival in France. This is a wonderful annual event about 2.5 hours south of Paris, not far from Blois. Possibly for the last year (may be moving another hour south next year) this was in the Loire Valley, a lovely place with numerous Medieval castles and chateaus. I generally find it pleasant to drive through the French countryside, with its unique charm and character. And now even a windmill 'field' that stretches for many kilometers with numerous huge new windmills (all not so charming but pretty impressive)! I had the opportunity to share new items and designs with folks from all over Europe and the world really. There were 2400 in attendance this late July and early August! 

I then flew to Vancouver Canada and took a ferry to the Sunshine Coast B.C. where I enjoyed teaching on the Spiritual Warrior and also shared new things at Khalsa Mens Camp. I was attending for the 2nd time. It is very beautiful country and quite rural where Camp Raj Yog is, very close to the ocean. We had fun swimming, bonding with other men, and enjoyed other classes that were offered there as well. 

We have introduced quite a few new things over the last months here on this website. Please browse our 'new' section in the Radiance Collection or our 'new' section in the Dharma Collection to see them. Also check out my new 'kirpans' (Sacred Sikh Knives) on another of my websites. 

Blessings, Peace and Joy to All.   Jot Singh