Posted by Jot Khalsa

I’m grateful to be writing to you and sharing the wonderful things I find and am very fortunate to create. I so enjoy browsing fine jewelry and related objects at the largest wholesale jewelry shows in the world to assess new trends and find the best of what is being offered. My dear teacher, Yogi Bhajan said numerous times “Don’t follow the trend, create the trend.” So it is with great joy that I invite you to browse this site, order what you like, or let me know what I might make for you or a loved one that you’re not seeing. I’ll be happy to see what I can do. Wishing you and yours the very best, Jot Singh

Financial news: We are witnessing the highest silver and gold prices ever – with silver topping $20.00 per ounce and gold over $1000.00 per ounce as of 3/08 ( The charts below illustrate the price increase of these precious metals.