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As I shared previously, my teacher of many years Yogi Bhajan said “There’s no lasting happiness without discipline.” In these rather challenging times for many – it seems even more important to embrace something that might help establish balance and wise decision making in ones life. There are systems and disciplines that can engender mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as enrich insight into ones life. Many forms of yoga are popular today, including Kundalini -

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which I’ve enjoyed practicing for over 3.5 decades, Tai Chi, ChiQong, some martial arts and I believe there are numerous others. Consider trying something that might uplift your Spirit and give you back your passion for life (if it seems to be missing a bit.)

We are leaving for our annual “Summer Solstice Sadhana”

next week where we’ll join between 1600-2000 folks from all over the world, for an 8 day yoga and meditation “renewal.” It is held on a mountaintop in northern New Mexico on sacred land purchased from Hopi elders 4 decades ago. We hold a “Sacred Healing Walk” on one day during our stay called “Peace Prayer Day.” People from many nationalities and traditions join us for this one day event to celebrate peace and offer something from their Spirit. Many come from all over the Southwestern USA to participate in Peace Prayer Day.

During the 8 days there is also a huge bazaar where “everything under the sun” (almost) that this group might find useful, is offered for sale. There I always introduce at least several new designs. The entire event is an inspiring and uplifting experience. You can read more about it here:

Many blessings for peace, tranquility and prosperity.
Jot Singh

Here’s a simple meditation using chanting – Long Sat Nams (means Truth is my essence or identity.) It will neutralize all of your mental tension and anxiety, revitalizing your glandular system and re-establishing glandular equilibrium.

Sit straight and relaxed and bring the forearms up and in until the hands meet at the heart level. Face both palms up and cross the right hand over the left palm with the fingers extended and joined to each other. Place the left thumb in the right hand.

The eyes are 9/10 closed and as the meditation progresses, they may close completely. Inhale deeply and exhale completely as you chant

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naam

Ratio of “Saat” to “Naam” is approximately 35:1 – also pronounced this way -“Saat Naam.” Begin with 11 minutes and you can work up to 31 if you are so moved.