Posted by Jot Khalsa


Sat Nam, Jot Singh.  I trust that all is well with you.  I just had this feeling that I should write the following to you:

I just wanted to share with you how grateful I am for your intuitive talent that guides you to create jewelry that illuminates the soul. I have bought 4 exquisite pieces so far, and have received many compliments on  how beautiful they all are--they have caught not only the attention of yogis following the Kundalini Yoga path, but also the eye of others. More importantly for me, I have been blessed with the spiritual name Adi Shakti Kaur, and wearing your wonderful jewelry is having a profound impact on my spiritual growth and journey.  I am constantly reminded to be the princess of that primal creative feminine power, so that I will be the lighthouse. Through the Guru's Grace I have stumbled upon your divine creations and I will continue to refer others to your websites.  WAHE GURU!

Blessings, Love & light,

Adi Shakti Kaur - Arizona, USA