Posted by Jot Khalsa

Sat Nam Jot Singh,

I have just received my Power Necklaces and when I actually saw, held, and felt them, I've realized they are much more than what I expected them to be. I feel very inspired, empowered and blessed to have these amazing pieces that are a fine work of art. I always had this prejudice against men and jewellery, especially pearls. Now going beyond that belief and actually having them I clearly see the perfect balance these necklaces carry within them. To me these necklaces represent and honour the female beauty and grace and the male power and majesty in perfect harmony with that which is already within each of us. I couldn't really say this until I saw them. Pictures on the website are beautiful but they don't do justice at all. I will be proudly wearing them honouring who I really am and the perfect balance that is in everything.

Wahe Guru and thank you!
Sat Bhagat Singh Khalsa