Posted by Jot Khalsa

Hello and Satnam,

We are very very happy with the two Adi Shakti pins we ordered. They are beautiful, and we can feel the energy and reverence with which they have been handmade. We are impressed with the level of customization and customer service offered through The Khalsa Raj Collection. All attention was focused on making sure that we would be satisfied with the Adi Shaktis. They are the perfect size and fit me and my partner wonderfully. Mine is a very strong lapis and rutilated quartz pin, and because of how fine and detailed it is crafted, I feel, it looks very elegant and graceful on my turban.

We received them a couple days before White Tantric Yoga in Oakland, and were able to enjoy the energy of the crystal during our meditation.

We will enjoy these pieces for many years.

-Giangeet Kaur - California, USA