Posted by Jot Khalsa

In the practice of expanding consciousness — throughout the centuries — the Yogis and Yoginis, Mystics and Monks, would super-charge their physical bodies using postures, breathing, movement, chanting, prayer and meditation. It has been found that this transformation actually took place at the level of the atom. In this pursuit of excellence, they also learned to affect this atomic level by using precious and semi-precious stones. They would place them at particular locations within the meridians and chakras (subtle energy centers in the body) to affect the physical world from the meta-physical level.

As a Yogi in today’s world, I rely on such advantages to live a life in tune with the universal excellence. I have found that Jot Singh intuitively produces gem-filled pieces of jewelry that act as accelerators to the conscious intention. One particular piece of his jewelry I wear while teaching . . . literally acts as a cosmic microphone for my throat chakra.

I recommend the items on this website to anyone who is involved with the study and practice of human excellence and higher consciousness.

Guru Singh – Los Angeles, CA 8/09